World Photo Day: A personal reflection

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There seems to be a national holiday for just about everything these days. Donuts, nachos, ice cream, burritos… you name it. However, World Photo Day I can wholeheartedly get behind.

World Photo Day is an international photography event on August 19th that celebrates the passion for photography the various communities around the world.

In an era, where millions of pictures  and videos are uploaded every second, World Photo Day hopes to inspire thousands of photographers to share a single photo with a simple purpose: to share their world with the world.Hasidic Hustle_Brooklyn

And so, I began reflecting on my own love for photography. I’m not sure exactly how and when it all happened but I can recall an early obsession to document e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.¬† I was, after all, the historian of my 8th grade class. (Very big deal, I know.) But in that one seemingly innocent title, my sense of responsibility “to make as many photos as I could” was born.

To this day, I prefer photography to most mediums and believe it’s one of the most effective methods of storytelling. So in honor of World Photo Day, I’d like to share one of my favorites with you.

I really enjoy making photos of daily life. In fact, the more mundane, the better. If I had a dollar for every time a friend said, “What are you taking a picture of now”, well then maybe I’d only have twenty bucks but you get the point. To me, a good photo allowed a viewer to discover nuances that would have otherwise would’ve gone unnoticed; to create something remarkable out of the ordinary.

This shot above is an example of that. It was taken during the wee hours of the morning just outside a laundromat in Brooklyn, New York. The street buzzing with energy; a wild blur of commuters bee-lining to work and business owners opening up shop, while sirens and car horns blared in the background, matching the surrounding chaos.

Nothing too special, but so special all at the same time.