Trishna Patel aka “the trishlist” is a cultural curator specializing in travel, dating, and the human experience.

The former L.A. Times journalist and NCAA champion has written for various publications about her many delicious adventures– most of which are fueled by her desire to immerse herself in different cultures, get hopelessly lost in translation, and enjoy a night of drinks with the locals.

In sharing her stories, Trishna found that readers wanted to hear less about the names of tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels but more about the interesting people she had met and the surprises along the way.

Her colorful personality and love for storytelling– provides her followers with both thought-provoking content and hilarious entertainment.

So whether she’s tracking down an old winemaker in Saint Emilion or moving to New York City on a whim, Trishna welcomes the unknown. And above all, hopes to INSPIRE other women to do the same.

Lucky for us, she’s taking her pen and camera with her.

Follow her on facebook: /trishlistLA and on Instagram @trishlist & @she_only_lives_once.