The S.O.L.O. staff is a group of women who are passionate about sharing and asking questions about their personal journeys — whether it’s traveling to Europe, trying the new restaurant down the street (Reservation for 1? Yes, please.), or perhaps the most exhausting of them all, the daily treks deep inside the valleys and peaks of our own imagination.


S.O.L.O. Founder Trishna Patel originally created the Instagram account, @She_Only_Lives_Once   [S.O.L.O.) as a one-off project when she realized her most meaningful, memorable experiences (and mishaps) were when she was on her own. This includes her earliest travel memory–  a solo trip to India at the age of 7. Inspired by the overwhelming response on social media, Solo Travels was born shortly after.

A former Los Angeles Times video journalist, she now works as a branding expert crafting unique, effect social narratives for some of the travel industry’s biggest brands. S.O.L.O’s contributor program combined with her personal platform(s) connects a network of nearly 30K travelers, storytellers, and tourism insiders from around the world. Like most women, she enjoys a fancy cheese plate and a good love story. Follow her entries here and on Instagram.

Ana Raab lives and works in Seattle, where she spends her time shepherding creative projects at Wildern Design & Interactive, daydreaming about moving to Berlin (all-time favorite city), and attempting to tackle the big, messy questions in life as she pursues a path of self-discovery. Follow along here and on Instagram.






Laura Brown is a thirty-something sign language interpreter living in Nashville, where she rebooted her life in 2014. An avid seeker of challenge and growth, Laura discovered that befriending and listening to herself has enriched her life on a new level. She even followed her intuition (and tastebuds) to France recently, on her first solo adventure.

Laura strives to savor the ups and downs, because nothing is truly permanent, and our stories are so much more beautiful with some perspective. She’s okay with not being okay sometimes, and hopes more people embrace that. Follow her I Believe series here.