The magic that is Laduree

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There’s nothing quite like a dessert shop to put you in a Parisian state of mind. Laduree, is a French luxury bakery and sweet-maker (I just love the way that sounds), established in 1862,  is one of the world’s premier double macaroon sellers– pawning almost fifteen thousand of them to sweet-toothed suckers everyday.

Think you’re stronger than that? Think again. There happens to be a Laduree counter just inside of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle International airport. It’s not as luxurious as the other stores found within the city, but the airport version gives you the perfect lil’ taste. Pun intended.

I’m not a big dessert girl myself, but I must admit there’s something deliciously magical about this place. Not sure if it’s the colors, the ambiance, or the cute French barista taking your order…

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