On the Trishlist: Ventura Boulevard’s Happy Days Cafe

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Last month, LA Weekly published an article “Why Is It So Hard For Angelenos To Love The Valley”, in which the writer considers getting a new cell phone number to avoid having an 818 number at the top of her resume.

Like, wasn’t hating on the Valley a thing in 2007? Not only is this topic as tired af, but it’s simply not true anymore.
Where else can you listen, to LMFAO strumming guitar to Future’s Mask Off while feasting on stuffed churros? After you’re done scarfing those down (flavors include Nutella, dulce de leech, chocolate, or guava), dance away your sugar high to these two guys.
Don’t hate on the Valley, kids. That’s like totes basic. Also, please note that is not really LMFAO.
Happy Days Cafe: 14552 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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