Happy Birthday, Beautiful

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This photograph was taken on an American Airlines flight (Los Angeles to New York City) just before the 2016 Presidential election. Like a lot of people, I was surprised, confused, and deflated by just how ugly things were getting.

But when I lifted the window shade, I noticed that the aircraft boasted an American flag paint job on the outer edge of the wing. (Funny how things appear just as you need them.) In that moment, I was reminded that no matter how  imperfect, flawed, and contentious things may be, I would always be grateful  to call the United States my home.

America. One day I hope to “pay it forward” in return for all that you’ve done for my family. Thank you for allowing me the OPPORTUNITY to realize my dreams and giving me the FREEDOM to pursue exactly who I was destined to be.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful. ✈️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #FourthofJuly

Trishna Patel aka Trishlist is a cultural curator, photographer, and host specializing in travel and the human experience. Follow her latest adventures as she explores New York City and beyond.


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