Lil Miss Zanzibar

In Daily Musings, S.O.L.O. Stories by trishlist

I was aimlessly roaming the streets of Zanzibar one afternoon when I spotted this little girl walking towards me through a small alley. She caught my eye almost immediately with her deep purple hijab, neon pink sandals, and emphatic yet playful gaze. I stood there, trying to surreptitiously maneuver my camera in hopes of capturing her unique confidence and stylishly bright attire.

Most of the children I encountered were camera shy but this little one sauntered directly up to me, pausing just long enough before turning the corner. It was almost as though she wanted a flattering shot of herself just as much as I did.

We both smiled and it was in that moment I was reminded that all little girls– no matter where they’re from– are much more alike than they are different.

Trishna Patel aka Trishlist is a cultural curator, photographer, and host specializing in travel and the human experience. Follow her latest adventures as she explores New York City and beyond!