Hitting the refresh button

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Monday mornings take on a much different meaning now that I’m freelancing in New York City. No longer am I schlepping into an office, abiding by a set schedule of hours, stuck in front of a computer writing for 8 hours.

Instead, I’m able to work from anywhere I choose. Central Park, a quaint cafe in the West Village, or simply from the comfort of my own home. But lately, finding my rhythm has proven a bit challenging.

The beautiful chaos that is this city will literally chew you up and spit you out. New York’s social scene is like gasping for air while getting rocked by an huge, overwhelming tidal wave. If… getting rocked by tidal waves were fun and tasted like vodka martinis.

If you’re not careful, New York’s merciless buzz and incredibly interesting people will swallow you. Sometimes you insert yourself on purpose, because that’s part of the adventure. But sometimes you run the risk of steering off course.

That said, this picture of me on a patio deck in Stonetown, Zanzibar reminded me of hitting the proverbial reset button. Untangling one’s mess, starting afresh, and focusing on what’s important… Happy Monday!

Trishna Patel aka Trishlist is a cultural curator, photographer, and host specializing in travel and the human experience. Follow her latest adventures as she explores New York City and beyond!

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