The Bay Area knows how to Curry

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OK, I couldn’t resist using a pun in the title, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Silicon Valley know its Indian food.

Attribute it to what you may; first generation Indian-Americans opening up hipper, chicer versions of their parents’ businesses or the overall popularity and allure of ethnic food making its way back into mainstream culture. (If only I knew this back in 4th grade when I’d chow down my masala naan in the bathroom out of fear of being judged.) That is a true story — more on that later.

Indian restaurants of all kinds, from casual lunch spots to trendy East Coast imports,  are enjoying a renaissance in the Bay Area.

We stopped by a small joint called the Himalayan Kitchen located in the edge of Mountain view and Sunnyvale on a Friday night and it was packed. (I’m told if you go on a M,T,W, or TH, you can just walk in and order.) The family-style restaurant boasts inexpensive eats from traditional Nepali and Indian cuisine.

Is your mouth watering? Order what I got: Himalayan Special Chicken Thali… (1 veg curry, 1 Chicken curry, 1 dal, 1 rasam, 1 sambar, 1 papad, 1 pickle, 1 spl. Rice, 1 white rice, 1 raita or yogurt, 1 bread, 1 desert for $10)

820 E EI Camino Real, Suite C, Mountain View, CA-94040 (650) 967-4240

For more on where to feast on Indian grub in the San Francisco and the East Bay, check out Eater SF. 

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